Highly-complex and extreme-precise optical systems
Exposure optical system: Epolith A075

Epolith A075  is the first advanced exposure optical system at 90-nanometer process with all independent intellectual property rights in our country which is one of the core research achievements of the National Science and Technology Major Project (02 Major Project ). 

Characteristic Description 

The first exposure optical system at 90-nanometer process in China, ArF laser light source,  NA0.75, large field of view, high speed dynamic compensation, off-axis illumination, high uniformity illumination 



Epolith A075
               Central Wavelength               193nm
NA(image space)0.75
Field Size  26mm×10.5mm
Wavefront Error≤5.1nm
Distortion≤5.7 nm

Exposure Results

Ø Resolution test: 90nm dense line, L/S (line and space ratio) is 1:1, Pitch is 180nm


  90nm dense line measured by SEM (scanning electron micorscope)              Top view of 85nm horizontal / vertical dense line

Ø LER (Line edge roughness) test: 90nm line edge roughness LER~5.0nm


                           Domestic equipment SSA600
                                          LER 4.9nm@BF