Advanced Lithography Optics

Lithography is one of the key processes in the fabrication of microchips. Advanced lithography optics, as the "heart" of lithography, is the most precise and complicated optical instrument developed by human beings at present. The lithography optics consists of two components: projection lens system and illumination system. Lithography optics make a decisive contribution to this: the quality and form of the illumination system and the resolving power of the projection lens system play a part in determining how small the structures on a microchip can be.

UV Detection Products and System Solutions

Relying on more than ten years of experience in developing and manufacturing the ultraviolet detection products, CNEPO can meet the customers' requirements in corona detection, railway line patrol, port berthing, foggy weather navigation, weak flame detection,etc. The company also provides customers with a complete UV detection system solution based on specific application scenarios, and ensure that the proposal can be implemented in the manner of high quality and efficiency through strong technical support and considerate after-sales service.

Advanced Optical Metrology Products and Solutions