Highly-complex and extreme-precise optical systems
Customized Optical Elements

Bottom Window of 90nm Projection Lens 

Lens diameter: φ70.8mm 

Lens thickness: 5mm 

Material: Fused Silica 

High Precision Optical Element 

Diameter: φ194±0.2mm 

Thickness: 36.68mm  

Surface figure tolerance (RMS): 0.51nm 

AB Cylinder Mirror auto_1305.png

The beam transmission unit for 248nm and 193nm lithography machine shapes the optical field 

Dimension: 20mm × 10mm 

Gradient Filter grandient filter

Digital type 

Correction capability: Under the condition of traditional illumination mode, NA=0.5 and coherence factor σ= 0.5, the corrected integral uniformity is better than 0.3 % 

Dimension: 140mm×75mm×3.1mm 

Narrow-band Optical Filter 滤光片

Applicable for filtering the light emitted by the mercury lamp. 

Wavelength: i line, g line, h line 

Spectral characteristics: T>95%@365nm 7nm(FWHM) 

Incident angle: Vertical incident 

Dimension: φ90mm