Technology and Service

Ultra-precision optical technology
Sub-micron Accuracy Mechanical Machining and Testing

In order to support the design and implementation of ultra-precision optical and mechanical structure, the team carries out research on key technologies and processes such as high-precision turning, grinding, EDM, and alignment turning. And it establishes ultra-precision machining and manufacturing platform with nearly 20 sets of various high-precision machining equipment. Relying on this platform, a special combined type processing technology has been developed for the microlithographic lens-holding part. Machining precision of the lens-holding part: The flatness is better than 0.8 μm and the parallelism than 1.2 μm; The equal thickness of processing precision of the spacer ring of lens is better than 0.6 μm.


The maximum machining diameter of ultra-precision turning is 1000 mm, with machining precision between 0.5 - 2 μm. And the parts with different materials and hardnesses can be precisely processed depending on the library of various process parameters which is accumulated through cutting force monitoring and on-line high-precision non-contact measurement, etc., so that the surface finish reaches Ra 0.1μm, which can replace the traditional grinding process. And such process is mainly applied to large-size high-precision bearing rings, high-precision moulds and large-size high-precision disk type parts, etc.