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Ultra-precision optical technology
Ultra-precision Drive Control and Information Processing

Ultra-precision drive control technology is one of the key technologies in the development of precision optical systems. Real-time on-line adjustment and off-line maintenance of the image quality of the objective lens optical system are realized through the micro-displacement driver motion control technology and the high-precision sensor calibration technology.

Based on the research on ultra-precision micro-displacement control technology and micro-environment control technology, the team establishes a set of closed-loop motion control algorithm of piezoelectric actuators and modeling method of PZT fuzzy hysteresis model which effectively reduce its influence of hysteresis nonlinearity and improve its response speed and control precision; Furthermore, the team also establishes a method to improve the linearity of capacitance sensor so that the linearity of the sensor was increased to 0.00484 %  after linearity calibration.

At present, the team has a complete ultra-precision micro-displacement test platform, semi-physical simulation platform, sensor and driver test system, electronic instrument and meter, industrial control cabinet, high-precision temperature control unit, high-precision temperature/pressure sensor and temperature calibration platform, including micro-displacement sensor test and calibration, precision piezoelectric driver test platform, embedded electronic experimental platform, embedded software test platform, high-precision electronic measuring instrument and meter, and high-precision temperature measurement and calibration. The matching system can meet the requirements of ultra-precision motion control technology which can fully support the micro-displacement motion requirement for ultra-precision optical system.