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Solar blind ultraviolet imaging detection technology with metering function
Calibration of extremely weak solar blind ultraviolet radiation

In the application of ultraviolet instrument industry, the customers focus on the accuracy and meaning of counting value of output photon of ultraviolet instrument and on whether they can support subsequent data processing decision. In order to solve the above important problems, the following three stages of research should be carried out in sequence.


Study on the consistency of ultraviolet measurement
Consistency of measurement: The photon counting results of various modules or instruments can be traced back to a unified reference, and the results are consistent for target radiation under the same condition;
Metrological consistency research is the basis for quantitative analysis of on-site application of ultraviolet modules or instruments, and is able to support the research on decision-making issues in ultraviolet related applications, such as insulation damage classification in the power field;
Close to the actual application demand of extremely weak irradiance field, high credibility and pertinence.


Solar blind ultraviolet radiation calibration platform

The solar blind ultraviolet radiation measurement platform established based on the standard light source traced to the National Institute of Metrology ia applicable for testing the ultimate sensitivity of instruments and equipment, calibrating the performance consistency among equipment and the like, which is helpful to support the decision-making and judgment of damage level for the target.
The platform has certificated by National Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology with uncertainty is 5.6 %.