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High-end Optical Manufacturing Service
Optical Metrology

CNEPO has high-precision large-diameter Fizeau interferometer, white light interferometer, atomic force microscope and supported high-precision temperature-control (better than ±0.02℃) laboratory. We provide full-band (low /intermediate/ high/ultra-high frequency) flat spherical and aspheric optical surface test with deep sub-nanometer accuracy. We also have high performance detection equipment such as Luphoscan aspheric surface detector, profilemeter, three-coordinate and ASI stitching interferometer, which can meet the requirements for non-contact and contact three-dimensional optical measurement and sub-diameter stitching inspection of various special-shaped surfaces such as aspheric and free-form surfaces.

Metrology Capacity 

Ø Flat spherical surface

n Direct Inspection 

Diameter < 300 mm (Plane) / < 500 mm (sphere), Accuracy < 0.15 nm RMS

n Stitching Testing

Diameter < 500mm, Accuracy < 15 nm RMS

Ø Aspheric Surface

n Direct Testing

Diameter < 300 mm, Accuracy < λ/ 6 PV

n CGH and Compensating Lens (NULL Lens) 

Diameter < 500mm, Accuracy < 0.3 nm RMS