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Solar blind ultraviolet imaging detection technology with metering function
Solar blind ultraviolet imaging detection

The solar blind ultraviolet spectrum is located in the ultraviolet region of 240 ~ 280 nm. The detection in this spectral region can naturally avoid complex background interference and extremely low false alarm rate because the radiation in this spectrum cannot reach the surface of the earth owing to the strong absorption of ozone in the stratosphere. Limited by the strong absorption and scattering on the ground, the challenge for the detection of solar blind ultraviolet imaging is how to ensure that the extremely weak signals at photon counting level can be detected at the same time of " solar blind". The solar blind ultraviolet imaging detection is typically applied to the early detection of insulation damage of high voltage power equipment and industrial invisible flame detection and so on. 


The team has been focusing on solar blind ultraviolet imaging detection for more than 10 years and has independent core technologies in system design, core components, information processing and instrument development. And the ultraviolet corona detector developed by it has been put into the domestic market. Currently, we are actively expanding the integration of ultraviolet imaging detection technology with visible light and infrared detection technology, and have accumulated rich experience in the development and application of multispectral imaging detection system so that we can undertake the customization and development of various multi-spectral imaging detection systems.